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Liquid Gold Poppers - Poppers online

Our aim here at Liquid Gold Poppers is to offer you and all our customers an unrivalled shopping experience and to impress you with our speed, efficiency and dedicated customer service. We use the latest online technologies for simple, secure and intuitive shopping and hope that you are guided through your purchases with us effortlessly whether on your mobile, laptop or desktop PC.

Why we believe Liquid Gold Poppers should be your first and only choice when buying poppers online:

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What are Poppers?

Isopropyl nitrates, more commonly known as ‘Poppers’ are predominantly used as a sexual enhancer largely due to their ability to relax soft tissue muscles in the body, specifically those found in the vagina and anus. Many poppers reviews state users experience an increase in libido, enhanced vaginal and anal sexual pleasure, and the ability to maintain erections for longer.
The science: Isopropyl nitrates are part of the Amyl nitrates family and contain nitric oxide which dilates blood vessels in the body. When inhaled, the nitric oxide decreases blood pressure and increases blood flow, causing the almost instantaneous relaxation of smooth muscles in the body. It also causes a temporary increased heart rate, which in turn causes the familiar light headedness and facial flushing associated with a perceived temporary high.
Are there different types of chemicals in poppers?
No. Isopropyl Nitrate is the only chemical that you will find in your favourite legal poppers. Over the decades, the nitrates in poppers have been changed many times, primarily for legality. The last major change was from Isobutyl Nitrate which was banned via EU law in 2007. The formula was then changed to the current Isopropyl Nitrate - a chemical family member of the Nitrates. Isopropyl (Nitrate C3H7NO3) is a colourless liquid.

How are Poppers used?

Very simply, you open the bottle, let it stand in the required area and allow the aroma to develop. This is the safest and suggested method of use.
Historically Poppers were inhaled directly from a vial that popped when opened, hence the street name. This however, possessed risks that included chemical burns around the nose and mouth and throat irritations.
The legal warning on all Isopropyl Nitrate Poppers states: May cause toxic effects if inhaled or absorbed through skin. Inhalation or contact with material may irritate or burn skin and eyes. Do not inhale contents directly from the bottle.

Which are the strongest Poppers?

In terms of the chemical composition and strength, all Poppers are the same. Manufacturers may not like this as almost every bottle we stock has a reference to strength - somewhere. All aromas have the same strength. They are in fact the same chemical. The real difference is the bottling and storing processes of the manufacturer – just think of your favourite alcoholic drink to help bring this into context. Most beers sit around the 5% alcoholic content, with spirits usually around 40%. Yet we all have our prefered tipple. The strengths are almost identical, however they have different effects and pleasure ratings depending on the drinker. The differences in Poppers manufacture, although small are noticeable to our customers and do make a difference on their prefered brand.
We are constantly asked which is the strongest? Or what should you look for when choosing your aroma? Sincerely preference is the only real difference. Some of our customers are more sensitive to the different processes than others and can tell the difference with their eyes closed. To others the only difference is in their preference to packaging be it subtle or loud. Our most popular is Liquid Gold.

Are Poppers used by men and women?

In a word yes. Very much so. Poppers have both male and female admirers. We at Liquid Gold Poppers have a very equal mix of male and female consumers who purchase on a regular basis from us.

Poppers Online and the failed 2016 UK government ban

Poppers were set to be banned in the UK on the 6th April 2016 - meaning the supply of Poppers online or in shops in the UK would have become a criminal offence under the psychoactive substances bill. It was proposed that no-one would be breaking a law by possessing poppers, but anyone selling it to them would be subject to criminal charges.

Thankfully as a result of a legal battle, huge support from the poppers community (including government ministers), and a report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, the ban was overturned at the last minute. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs report stated that the sale of poppers should continue as alkyl nitrates are not a psychoactive substances. And in the ACMD’s view, alkyl nitrites aka poppers do not fall within the scope of the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

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Great product. Fast delivery.. fantastic customer service. Very efficient. I will be back for more. Thanks.
5 Stars by Simon U 24 Jan 2020

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Highly recommend XL gold, really potent and always has the desired effect! Also had really fast delivery, really happy with the service!
5 Stars by Luke H 23 Jan 2020

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I preferred this one to the Rush personally as I think it was a little stronger and slightly longer lasting.
3 Stars by Jorge C 21 Jan 2020

Extreme Poppers
Fast delivery, well packaged and to be signed for - could be seen as a plus or minus but as it is easy for me to get to the Post Office... Strong stuff so use with caution (unless you do of course want to throw caution to the wind;).
4 Stars by Jacques W 21 Jan 2020

Liquid Gold Poppers
Was a bit concerned it being a bank transfer but everything came super quick so I was really happy with it. Couldn’t recommend enough
5 Stars by Emma R 18 Jan 2020

Liquid Gold Poppers
Long lasting and always a good classic always go back to this one. Would buy it time and time again
5 Stars by Daniel S 17 Jan 2020

Liquid Gold Poppers
This is always my top choice and the one I keep drifting back to. Thumbs up from me
5 Stars by David Lewis R 26 Dec 2019

Liquid Gold Poppers
Excellent product,fantastic communication Fast and discreet delivery Package was very secure Easy to make payment Will definitely buy again
5 Stars by Andrew W 26 Dec 2019

XL Gold Poppers
They are poppers they do exactly what you want, euphoria and a hunger for sex. These will do the job, look no further.
4 Stars by Ian M 18 Dec 2019

Liquid Gold Poppers
Unbeatable price , very quick delivery and great quality. Was a bit unsure about paying directly into a bank account but had confirmation from multiple sources that debit/credit cards and paypal don’t allow these kind of purchases. Great communication and professionalism.
5 Stars by Alessandro S 13 Dec 2019