Fist Mini Poppers

Fist Mini Poppers

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Item ref: FIST 10ML

Inspired by the famous and notorious London Club FIST delivers with its strength and effectiveness. Potency and long life guaranteed. Isopropyl Nitrates such as Fist Mini are regularly used to enhance sexual pleasure for men and women and also used to aid anal sex by relaxing muscles. The term Poppers is widely used to describe Isopropyl nitrate aromas. Historically Poppers were sold in small glass vials that popped when opened ( hence the name) and were sniffed directly from the vial. It is now illegal to supply any Isopropyl Nitrate for the use of direct inhalation. Do not inhale this item directly from the bottle. To use, simply open the bottle and stand to let the aromas develop in the required area. Contents: Isopropyl nitrate.

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(5 Stars)
By Ioan P On 21 May 2020
Amazing product. I would buy again. I recommended to anyone who like to feel the sex at high sensations.

(5 Stars)
By Darren T On 12 May 2020
This as my first order from this company and I found them to be Fast, friendly and efficient. Good prices too

(5 Stars)
By Cliff P On 22 Apr 2020
These are great poppers what is good with the smaller bottle there is no waste and lasts a good evening of enjoyment. Good hit and lasts a nice amount of time too. Great value if you buy the tray as well.

(5 Stars)
By Tom P On 21 Apr 2020
Good solid hit, with little after effects. Would recommend this but keep the liquid off the skin.

(4 Stars)
By Mark S On 15 Apr 2020
First time I had purchased this product as have been sceptical over the different brands as previous found them most to be much of a muchness. This product seemed stronger than your normal standard liquid gold type products. It gave a longer lasting effect

(5 Stars)
By Melissa C On 06 Apr 2020
I do like this product I found it very strong and it certainly had the desired effect. I would recommend it.

(5 Stars)
By Ion T On 03 Apr 2020
Nice product with strong flavor. Good delivery time and best value for the price. I would buy it again and would recommend it to others. Thanks

(5 Stars)
By Jack S On 19 Feb 2020
I loved my bottle of Fist. Really good sensations followed every hit and the bottle looks naughty. A small detail I know... highly recommend!

(4 Stars)
By Steven P On 13 Feb 2020
this is decent stuff, you can think its a slow burner and then it hits - i like it

(5 Stars)
By Daniel S On 17 Jan 2020
Strong and done what it says on the bottles. Me and my mate both enjoyed this one buy a big bottle it lasts for longer

See all 140 customer reviews